Waxer was a Platoon Sergeant for the 212th Attack Battalion, who led the platoon known as Ghost Company with his loyal partner Boil.
Waxer 2

Waxer in his original Phase 1 armor.


Waxer (as well as his partner Boil) began as a "rookie", "shiny", or standard Clone Trooper, then he became a Sergeant with his partner Boil. Once Waxer and his partner Boil became more experienced, they began to become a bit more mature; yet they were often impatient like with Commander Wolffe (CC-3636) of the 104th Wolfpack Co.; even though they both began to develop more patience, as well as caring a bit more for others. Such as when they helped rescue a young female Twi'lek prisoner named Numa on the planet of Ryloth.

Waxer also fought in several other large battles, to whom Boil often participated as well. (Such as Geonosis and Umbara.) Yet he unfortunatley met his fate during one of his only battles without his beloved partner on Umbara, after he was tricked into attacking a platoon of 501st Torrent Co. Clone Troopers under Captain Rex's command after they were both ordered by Jedi General (Sith Assassin) Pong Krell.


Waxer has worn both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Clone Trooper armor, as well as Phase 1 Desert Camo ARF Scout Armor with 212th Attack Battalion markings.

His Phase 1 armor consists of having the orange Phase 2-style 212th markings with tally marks for the battles and missions that he was involved with on his helmet, as well as an orange stripe over-lapping the visor on his helmet.

His Phase 2 armor consists of simply having a modified helmet; to whom it has more tally marks, and a "Numa" symbol in memory of her.

His Phase 1 ARF Scout Armor has the same camo like with the other "Desert Troopers", only with a modified helmet with a yellow stripe and numa symbol, as well as Phase 2-style 212th markings

.His facial appearance consists of being bald with several scars and a smallpatch of facial hair (or a "stash").


Waxer and his loyal partner Boil both developed the Phase 2 212th Attack Battalion markings for the Standard Clone Troopers assigned to the battalion.

Waxer was the very first Clone Trooper to be seen crying on-screen.

Waxer and Boil both resemble US Army soildiers from World War 2, who actually helped rescue a little girl and reunited her with her father.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Innocents Of Ryloth" (First Appearance)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Landing At Point Rain"

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Darkness On Umbara"

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Carnage Of Krell" (Fate)
Waxer and Boil

Waxer and his partner Boil with their helmets removed.


Waxer with Twi'lek Numa on Ryloth.

Waxer and Boil in ARF Gear

Waxer and Boil in ARF Gear.

Waxer in Phase 2 Armor

Waxer in Phase 2 armor.