Tup (CT-5385) served as a Specialist for the 501st Torrent Co. who served in Engineering Squad commanded by ARC Trooper Fives towards the second-half of the Clone Wars in 20 BBY.

Tup in his full armor.


Tup served as a Specialist for the 501st Torrent Co., and served as a marksman for the battlefield. He often served alongside his loyal partner Dogma, but eventually began to develop a close bond with Fives (aside from Jesse) towards his demise. He was originally part the firing squad that attempted (and later) refused to execute his friends under Pong Krell's command.

He was often stealthy and would often tend to be very scheming. Hence, his tactics helped lead the traitorous Jedi General Pong Krell to a trap on the shadow world of Umbara and stunned him for his arrest after what occurred moments prior to Fives and Jesse's failed execution attempt (along with the crossfire incident with Ghost Company; a unit from within the 212th Attack Battalion).

Though, months after the campaign, he eventually began to experience severe mental stress (primarily PTSD) after his experiences on Umbara, which further caused a brain tumor to develop which affected his inhibitor brain chip (implanted to prevent him from "becoming agressive") resulting in him to ruthlessly execute Jedi General Tiplar during a mission on Ringovinda. Although the tumor overtook most of his consciousness, he still was able to speak to Fives, though was unable to remember the incident as a result of short-term memory loss caused by the trauma-induced tumor. If he were to be reminded of said incident, his memory would become erased once again shortly thereafter; causing him to drift into a trance that would result in a hypnotic state.

He unfortunately met his fate on Kamino while undergoing medical examinations which involved the investigation of his unusual brain tumor. Though, his death and the execution of Jedi General Tiplar further led to Fives' investigation regarding Order 66, and the conspiracy hidden within the corrupt Kaminoans and Chancellor Palpatine.


Tup wears Standard Phase 2 armor, only with unique "tear-drop" style decals and stripes marked with 501st blue.

His facial appearance consists of him having long, wavy pinned hair, with a small "tear-drop" tatoo on his face.


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Tup's nickname derives from the word "tup", which means "heavy metal body", giving him a "tough" designation.

Tup's armor is simply standard Phase 2 armor with unique markings, with little or almost no customization like with Hardcase's armor.