Scorch (RC-1262), was a Republic Commando and is/was a member of Delta Squad, serving as their demolitions and weapons expert during the Clone Wars.

Scorch in his personalized Commando armor.


Scorch was known as a "freelancer" soldier; who was often very independent, and was also a demolitions expert, as well as having the ability to overstate the obvious irony of a situation which made him the squad's "wisecracker" (similar to Hardcase).

He earned his nickname when an accident during a training session burned off his eyebrows, as well as those of his instructor, Walon Vau. Like most of his fellow clones, Scorch saw action during the Battle of Geonosis.

He was assigned to many missions, and did whatever no average Jedi or Clone Trooper could do, as well as the rest of the Commandos; including the rest of Delta Squad.


Scorch has the standard Commando armor like the other Republic Commandos, only with unique black and yellow "scorch" markings. As well as having his own customized DC17m grenade launcher rifle, and customized datapack which consists of grenade containers attached to the sides.


Scorch has an Irish accent like Cutup from the Clone Wars series. Cutup is loosely based from him as well.

Scorch is also one of the only Clone Commandos to be released as an individual Hasbro 3/3"4 action figure (aside from The Clone Wars Boss). The other members of Delta Squad were eventually released in an exclusive figure pack, which has also been remade.


Star Wars: Republic Commando Videogame (First Appearance)

Star Wars: Republic Commando Novel Series

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Witches of the Mist"

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