Saesee Tiin's Clone Officer is an unknown or unidentified Clone Trooper or Clone Officer who served Jedi General Saesee Tiin's battalion during the end of the Clone Wars Era aboard a Republic Star Cruiser during the Battle of Coruscant.
Saesee Tiin's Clone Officer

Saesee Tiin's Clone Officer.

It is unknown who he is, yet he resembles Captain Fordo and Commander Cody as they appeared in the Clone Wars Microseries.


He is only seen wearing Phase 2 armor, which has markings similar to Captain Fordro's.

He is also seen wearing a large jetpack and pauldron as well.


The Clone Officer's Fordo-style markings is supposedly a goof. To whom the producers of the Clone Wars Microseries planned on having the unknown Clone Officer having a success as a Star Wars character with him originally having light green or turquoise markings. Yet, a simple goof made him become an almost forgotten version of Fordo rather than a new Clone Officer character.

Captain Fordo also originally was to appear in the starship bridge scene, which also explains the goof.


Star Wars: Clone Wars (Microseries)

His first and only appearance was during the Battle of Coruscant scene with Saesee Tiin in the Clone Wars Microseries, and was seen carrying a DC-15 long rifle in one scene, and a DC-15S or DC-15A carbine rifle in another during the battle sequence.