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Clone Commander Wolffe

Don't let these guys execute Order 66 on you!


Please note that there were never any legions commanded by Jedi during the Clone Wars!

Squads, platoons, battalions, brigades, and garrisons were what made up of the Grand Army of the Republic which was a legion! The only other legions were from other worlds and were affiliated with the Republic; such as the Mon Calamarian army!

Non-canon sources are understandable, as well as fanon and other eras of the Star Wars universe; but the Clone Wars was much different for the Republic!

Simple Rules

1.) Absolutely NO fan-made pages or information! (Fanon)

2.) No user spam.

3.) Don't copy information from another site (especially Wookieepedia); it's best to type and write in your own words!

4.) Don't always believe that certain information is true; think before you speak! It could be false!

5.) No rude comments.

6.) ALWAYS ask the administrators for permission to use, or create certain things. (Images, information, etc; depending on if a page were locked.)

7.) Information copied all entirely from a certain site isn't a form of accuracy! But copying some information is acceptable!

8.) ALWAYS ask the administrators for help!

9.) No private information (I'm on house arrest, etc.); if it were brief personal info, (siblings, age, school, etc.) it's acceptable.

10.) Have fun editing!

Page Formatting

*IMPORTANT!* Please see the Page Formatting article about creating pages!


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