Razor Squadron is/was a Clone Trooper squadron of ARC-170 starfighters and LAAT/i gunships (or simply Republic Gunships).
Razor Squadron ARC-170

An example of Razor Squadron ARC-170's.

They were involved in several space battles, as well as rescue missions towards the middle and the end of the Clone Wars.

Little is known about them, nor have they had too many featured roles.


The Clone pilots and vehicles have very unique "shark-tooth" style decals with blue jumpsuits and markings.


Star Wars: Clone Wars (Microseries)

Star Wars: Republic (Comic book series)


The "shark-tooth" decals are similar to what the gunships of the Muunilinst 10 ARC Trooper squad had, as well as fighter planes from World War 2. (The markings are/were supposedly inherited from Muunilinst 10.)

Many merchandise has been made based upon Razor Squadron, yet they've never had any lead roles or too many featured roles in the Star Wars saga. (Especially the Expanded Universe.)
Muunilinst 10 Gunship

The gunship that inspired the design for Razor Squadron.

Razor Squadron Clones

Members of Razor Squadron. (As Hasbro Star Wars figures.)

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