Pilots are specially trained Clone Troopers who are specially trained to fly, pilot, or manuever vehicles such as starships, starfighters, tanks, and walkers.
Phase 1 Clone Pilot Helmet

A standard Phase 1 Clone Pilot helmet.

Despite not being as notable as average field troops, officers, or any specialists in particular, they are just as important as the latter simply because they deploy and/or assist troops in combat.

Grand Army of the RepublicEdit

The Clone Pilots originally Phase 1 armor with unique yellow markings meant to resemble "pilot" and also had red "Clone" or alternate Republic symbols or insignias. The armor eventually became standard Phase 1 pilot armor, hence the pilots having distinguished helmets with personalized markings towards the middle of the Clone Wars Era.

Pilots eventually wore Phase 2 helmets and armor, which are recycled from Phase 1 ARC-170 pilot helmets only with Phase 2 parts.

The armor or helmets were mainly used for Gunship Pilots, yet Y-Wing, V-Torrent, and other specific vehicle pilots wore these versions of armor.

Galactic EmpireEdit

The Clone Pilots wore Phase 3 helmets with jumpsuits and life-support breathing devices, and were typically TIE Fighter pilots with dark-black armor and were painted with Imperial insignia decals, yet there were additional color, flightsuit, jumpsuit, helmet, and armor variants for different purposes. Such as: AT-AT Driver, AT-DP Driver, Tank Gunner, etc.

The jumpsuits and/or flightsuits resemble the suits utilized by the ARC-170 pilots during the Clone Wars, but often bear a resemblance to those worn by the Rebel Alliance.

Specialized Pilots/DriversEdit

AT-RT Driver- Often recycled from Phase 1 ARF Scout armor and Phase 1 ARC Gunner armor; meant to drive or pilot AT-RT Walkers.

ARC-170 Pilot- Unique jumpsuit with added life-support device and helmet; meant for pilots to actually drive the ARC-170 Starfighters at fast speeds. (Due to armor not being suitable for fast speeds.)
Clone Pilot Oddball

ARC-170 Pilot Captain Oddball.

Tank Gunner- Modified Phase 1, 2, or 3 armor with added thick metal plating on the helmet, shoulders, and torso meant for blast protection and friction from firing blaster cannons.

V-Wing (Phase 2 V-Torrent Fighter) Pilot- Fully-covered version of the ARC-170 Pilot helmet; meant for piloting V-Wing Starfighters at rotating or manuverable speeds. Several ARC-170 gunners utilized similar armor as well.

AT-DP Driver- Utilized for troopers whom pilot AT-DP walkers for patrolling various civilizations governed by the Empire throughout the Outer Rim such as Lothal. They often drive speeder bikes as well as troop transports.

ARF Trooper (or Scout Trooper)- Field specialists whom patrol and/or scout from within certain ranges from within the battlefield or landscape.

Notable PilotsEdit

Oddball (212th Attack Battalion Pilot Captain)

Axe (501st Torrent Co. V-Torrent fighter squadron Pilot Captain)

Goji (Y-Wing squadron pilot)

Tucker (Blue Squadron member)

Warthog (104th Wolfpack Co. pilot)

Broadside (Shadow Squadron Y-Wing squadron pilot)

Matchstick (Shadow Squadron Y-Wing pilot)

Hawk (501st Torrent Co. LAAT/i Gunship pilot)

Jag (ARC-170 fighter squadron Pilot Captain)


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