Phase 1 Armor, is a version or phase of Clone, or Clone Trooper Armor. It was used during the beginning, and towards the middle of the Clone Wars Era. There were many different variants worn by differ
Standard Phase 1 Clone Trooper

Standard Phase 1 armor. (live-action style.)

ent officers and Clones from certain distinguished units.

There were also different accesories for certain officers with different forms of rank.


Phase 1 armor is actually the very first phase of Clone Trooper armor. (Hence the name.)

Phase 1 Armor first appeared in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Phase 1 Clone Wars Clone Trooper

Standard Phase 1 Clone Trooper (Clone Wars-style.)

There were originally certain markings for certain ranks of officers, but once squads and battalions were organized, the need for certain rank markings was eliminated.

(See Clone Officers article for more information concerning Clone Officers.)

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