Page Style (Manual Of Style/Page Format)Edit

Here's how pages on this wiki are formed:

Infoboxes are unecessary! This is NOT Wookieepedia!

(There is no need for them; however, due to the fact that all Clone Troopers and canonical Stormtroopers originate from the same planet, race, species, etc.!)


Which is used for describing who a certain character is.


Which describes what occurred or happened to a certain character. (Only add if the character is more well-known!)


Describes how the character acts or how their behavior is. (Only add if the character's personality is featured or known!)


Describes how a certain character looks or what a certain character looks like. (Add image if available.)


Describes a bit more about a certain character; such as how they were created or why they were created.


Describes when a certain character is shown, seen, or has appeared.

This is a simple and easy format to follow! Nothing else is necessary!


Long, complex and detailed information is unneeded! This is NOT Wookieepedia, but rather a simple character encyclopedia!

We also strive to not be anywhere near close to like any other wiki, but rather a unique wiki of our own!

Copyright NoticeEdit

All character and image rights belong to Lucasfilm as well as various internet sources or resources. The characters and their images seen on this site are shown under fair use!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask the founder or admins! Thank you!

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