Omega Squad
Omega Squad
Omega Squad
Vital statistics
Title Omega Squad
Gender Male(s)
Race Clone(s)
Faction Squad elite
Health 100%
Level Commando
Status Unknown
Location Kamino


(Non-canon Characters and Information)

Omega Squad is a squad of Republic Commandos that was formed in the wake of the Battle of Geonosis. Its four members - RC-1309, RC-1136, RC-8015, and RC -3222; otherwise known as Niner, Darman, Fi, and Atin, respectively - were each the sole survivors of other groups of commandos, and were put together for the Old Republic's mission to capture the Seperatist Leader Ovolot Qail Uthan on Qiilura.

Omega Squad was based out of Coruscant during the height or, middle of the Clone Wars. The clones of Omega Squad were quite attached to their instructor, Kal Skirata, and often displayed open affection and comradery when they were reunited with Skirata.

They were also affiliated with Delta Squad.


The four squad members are actually in Theta Squad.

The squad itself is loosely based on the fallen Commando squad who met their fate during the Battle of Geonosis while heading towards the original droid factory.

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