Niner; "Oh-nine" or "09" (RC-1309), was a Republic Commando who was assigned to Theta Squad (Omega Squad in non-canon sources) as the squad's Sergeant or leader.

Niner in his personalized Commando armor.


Niner was one of the several Commandos who attacked during (or after) the first Battle of Geonosis like with the other Clone Commandos. The remainder of his original squad was shot-down on Geonosis, and Niner was force-fit or assigned into a new squad, known as Theta Squad.

He became the leader of Theta Squad, and was able to effectively utilize the skills of each member to their greatest advantage. He led with his actions, although he sometimes tried to lighten up a situation with humor. This usually failed, and his repeated attempts often drew more good-natured laughs than his jokes. Among the other members of the squad, Niner was known for his cool demeanor under fire, and was said to show emotion only when his squad was improperly attired, or misbehaved.

He very much resembles Boss; another Republic Commando.


Niner has the standard Commando armor like with every other Republic Commando, only with unique blue markings with the same style marking pattern of Boss. 


Niner's character model is actually a reskin of Boss' character model.


Niner has only appeared in the Republic Commando novel series, as well as making a brief appearance in the Republic Commando video game.

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