A Naval Clone Officer, was a Clone Officer who commanded ships in the Republic Navy in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.
Naval Clone Officer

A typical Naval Clone Officer.

They wore uniforms similar to Republic Officers (later Imperial Officers), and also helped repair, sabotage, or destroy enemy ships under a lead officer's command.

They were eventually replaced by average human officers, who were either former Republic Officers, or specially trained humans from other planets or worlds.


Naval Clone Officers wear grey-colored tunics with black gloves, boots, belts, and outlining, with silver and grey belt buckles, and rank badges on the right-side of their chests. They eventually wore caps towards the end of the Clone Wars era.

They also have the standard "high-fade" haircut that most Clone Troopers have; as well as the fact that Naval Officers weren't permitted to have distinguished hair-styles (excluding veteran Clone Officers.)


Several retired Elite and Senior Clone Officers (Veteran Clone Officers) have also served as Naval Clone Officers, and are the only to be distinguished. (Such as Commander Wolffe and Commander Ponds.)

Some Naval Clone Officers have also served as guards for the Republic prison on Coruscant.
Phase 2 Naval Clone Officer

An example of a Phase 2 Naval Clone Officer.

Ironically, Phase 2 Naval Clone Officers were first shown in the Clone Wars episode "Escape From Kadavo", yet weren't entirely featured until the following episode "Deception".


Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Many numerous episodes)

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