Muunilinst 10 is/was a squad of ARC Troopers during the beginning of the Clone Wars, which was led by ARC Captain Fordo, Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Jedi General Saesee Tiin.
Clone Captain Fordo

ARC Captain Fordo; the leader of the squad.

They were one of the first units of Clone Troopers to be distinguished, as well as one of the only squads of ARC Troopers.


They first fought during the battle of Muunilinst (hence their name), and eventually were assigned to Yavin, Hypori, and several other battles and missions until all the ARC Troopers were retired or killed.

One of their last battles was with the newly-trained Captain Rex and the newly-formed 501st Torrent Co. (as mentioned in the bio for Hasbro's ARC Troopers battlepack action figure pack.)


Captain Fordo, the squad's leader, had distinguished red markings under the Captain rank, while every squad member had blue markings and were either Specialists or Lieutenants.
ARC Pilot

An example of one of their Specialist LAAT/i gunship pilots. (Notice the rangefinder and symbol on the helmet.)


Star Wars: Clone Wars (Microseries)

Clone Wars Adventures (Microseries comics)
ARC Gunner

An example of one of the ARC Gunner Specialists from Muunilinst 10.


The squad (of course) is named after their first battle that they were involved in.

Razor Squadron's markings were inspired from Muunilinst 10.

Muunilinst 10 Gunship

An example of one of their personalized gunships.

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