Mixer was a Specialist or a Marksman during the Clone Wars who served in 501st Torrent Co. under the command of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker.
Sgt. Mixer

Mixer during his only official on-screen appearance.

He originally led several small missions before meeting his fate while on a mission to protect Duchess Satine of Mandalore on the Coronet: a private star cruiser. While inspecting cargo hold on during the mission, he was wounded by a large Spider Assassin Droids alongside his partner Redeye.

The two survived the encounter and where enrolled into project storm

pheonix with redeye. Redeye became a clone commando as Mixer became

an arc trooper


Mixer wore Phase 1 armor with distinct dark-blue 501st unit stripes on his arms, with unique "razor" markings on his helmet reminiscent to Denal's "tear-drop" razors.

During his first appearance, he also wore range lights on the sides of his helmet.

He was one of the many named Clones who was never seen with his helmet removed.


Mixer was one of the several members who served in the 501st Torrent Co.

Mixer and Redeye replaced Fives' and Echo's rank and position as a result of their promotion.

He often liked to tease and insult Redeye for being afraid of the dark.

Because of Mixer having "razor" style markings on his helmet, he originally was meant to be the character model for ARF Trooper Razor, but the producers decided to have Razor be an ARF Trooper rather than a 501st member. Furthermore, Mixer's helmet design was among one of the earliest designs for Denal and Coric.
Mixer in ARC Troopers

Mixer's brief appearance in "ARC Troopers."


Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Voyage of Temptation"/Star Wars comic: Storm pheonix

Note*: Although he appeared briefly during the Clone Wars Season 2 episode: "Voyage of Temptation", he made an appearance in the Clone Wars Season 3 episode: "ARC Troopers".

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