104th Wolfpack Co.187th Corps.212th Attack Battalion
21st Nova Corps.327th Star Corps.41st Elite Corps.
501st Legion "Vader's Fist" (Galactic Empire)501st Torrent Co.7th Battalion
ARC TrooperARC Trooper HammerAT-RT Driver
Advanced Recon Force trooperAiwha SquadAlpha 17 (Alpha)
Appo (Clone Trooper)Armor SpecificationsBoil (Clone Trooper)
Boss (Republic Commando)Captain FordoCaptain Lock
Captain RexChopper (Clone Trooper)Clone Cadet
Clone Commando (Republic Commando)Clone EngineerClone Marines (Snowtroopers)
Clone OfficersClone Shadow TrooperClone Trooper
Clone Trooper WikiClone UnitsCommander Blitz
Commander CodyCommander ColtCommander Deviss
Commander DoomCommander FaieCommander Fox
Commander GreeCommander MonnkCommander Neyo
Commander ThornCommander WolffeCoric (Clone Trooper)
Cutup (Clone Trooper)DC-15A Blaster RifleDC-15S Blaster Carbine
DC-15s Side Arm BlasterDC-17 Blaster PistolDC-17m Blaster Rifle
DC-17m Grenade Launcher AttachmentDC-17m Sniper AttachmentDelta Squad
Denal (Clone Trooper)Dogma (Clone Trooper)E-11 (DC-50) Blaster Rifle
Echo (Clone Trooper/ARC Trooper)Experimental Phase 1 ArmorExperimental Phase 2 Armor
Fives (Clone Trooper/ARC Trooper)Fixer (Republic Commando)Grand Army of the Republic (Clone Army)
Gregor (Republic Commando)Gus (Clone Trooper)Hardcase (Clone Trooper)
Hawk (Clone Pilot)Hawkbat BattalionHorn Company
Jesse (Clone Trooper)Jester (Clone Trooper)K9 Clone Trooper
Kix (Clone Trooper)LAAT GunshipsMixer (Clone Trooper)
Muunilinst 10Naval Clone OfficerNiner (Republic Commando)
Omega SquadPage FormattingPersonality Traits
Phase 1 ArmorPhase 2 ArmorPilots
Punch (Clone Trooper)RRazor Squadron
Redeye (Clone Trooper)Republic SecurityRules
Saesee Tiin's Clone OfficerScorch (Republic Commando)Sev (Republic Commando)
Sketch (Clone Trooper)Slick (Clone Trooper)Thire (Clone Officer)
Tup (Clone Trooper)WESTAR-M5 Blaster RifleWaxer (Clone Trooper)

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