Kix was a Specialist for the 501st Torrent Co. under Engineering Squad, who originally served as an engineer, and eventually became a field medic during the Clone Wars.

Kix in Phase 2 Armor

Kix in Phase 2 armor.


Kix was very passionate for healing wounded soldiers, and first became an official medic after healing Captain Rex during the mission on Saluecami. He eventually began to become "carried-away" with his duties while on Umbara, to which Captain Rex helped encourage him to "save yourself and patch-up the wounded later"; meaning that Rex didn't want to have Kix risk his life for others.

Later on towards the Clone Wars, Kix became involved in the major incident which would change the face of the war forever: Clone Trooper Tup's execution of Jedi General Tiplar on Ringovinda.

He was also partners with Jesse and Hardcase, two other Specialists for the 501st Torrent Co. who were also part of Engineering Squad.


Kix's Phase 1 armor consists of having unique blue-colored markings with arrows and strips.

His Phase 2 armor has the same pattern, only with darker coloring and with "medic" insignias.

His facial appearance consists of having a "buzz-cut" hairstyle with unique patterns, and several small tatoos on his forehead.


Although generous, Kix was often regarded as being more of a "free-lancer" (or being independent) like with Platoon Sergeant Appo.

His Aurebesh Language tatoo reads: "A good droid is a dead one".


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Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Orders"


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