Jester is/was a Standard Clone Trooper who was assigned to Slick's squad for the 212th Attack Battalion.

Very little is known about Jester, and he only appeared on-screen in the Clone Wars episode "Hidden Enemy", when him and the rest of his squad were on Christophsis battling and being interrogated.
Clone Trooper Jester

Clone Trooper Jester.


Jester has Standard Phase 1 Clone Trooper armor, while his facial appearance consists of having a "high-fade" haircut with unique trimmed side-burns and a small "stash" of facial hair (to distinguish himself from the other standard Clones.)


Jester is one of the very first Clones to have sideburns and a small "stash". (Other than Punch.)

He looks very much like Punch, who was one of his partners.


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Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Shadowed" web-comic

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