The Hawkbat Battalion was a battalion of Clone Troopers which was part of the 3rd Brigade that fought in numerous battles during the beginning of the Clone Wars. They were originally led by numerous Jedi Gene
Hawkbat Battalion

The Hawkbat Battalion Officers as they appear in the Clone Wars Microseries on Jabiim.

rals and Commanders such as Kit Fisto, Even Piell, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Yoda, and Saesee Tiin.

The battalion's original lead commanding officer consisted of Sergeant Deviss (later promoted to Captain, and eventually Commander by 20 BBY) and two other Clone Sergeants, but was eventually placed under the command of Jedi General Even Piell, after he was assigned with Republic Officer (Naval Officer) Captain Wilhuff Tarkin. Even Piell, Captain Tarkin, and the remnants of the unit were rescued with what was left of the battalion on Lola Sayu during the end of 21 BBY.

The battalion unfortunately became no longer existent after Even Piell and the remaining officers were killed whilist being rescued on Lola Sayu by other members of the 3rd Brigade.


The Hawkbat battalion was one of the very first distinct units from within the Grand Army of the Republic, meaning that they had their own unique prominent features and namesake rather than being part of a faceless, characterless, faction.

A Xandu, nicknamed the "hawkbat", is where the unit earned its namesake.

The officers originally wore ponchos as opposed to pauldrons and other gear when they were first established in the midst of battle.

ARC Trooper Alpha briefly was assigned to command several platoons from within the battalion before eventually retiring following the events regarding the campaign.

The name, "Hawkbat" derives from the alien creature species known as the Xandu.

In some sources (such as a Star Wars Insider article titled: "Guide to the Grand Army of the Republic" from Star Wars Insider 84), members of the 101st Regiment such as Sergeant Green (CT-53/21-8778), Major Twelve (CT-12/12-0068), Captain Tyto (CT-52/89-9204), and Lieutenant Barr (CT-41/14-0301) from the 327th Star Corps., are commanding officers who are often assigned to the unit. Like most of Karen Traviss' works, most of the sources are destined or considered to be non-canon.

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