Experimental Phase 2 Armor (ARC Armor, or simply Phase 2 ARC Armor) is an early version of Phase 2 Clone armor, which
Commander Blitz

ARC Commander Blitz was one of the several Clones to wear this version of armor. He also trained Echo and Fives to become ARC Lieutenants.

was originally worn by ARC Troopers to demostrate Phase 2 Armor capabilities.

The armor itself, is a combination of both Phase 1 and 2 armor, with a rugsack, or datapack similar to what Sandtroopers (Phase 3 Imperial Shocktroopers) wear. The datapack itself, is meant to be a reinforced comlink device, used to communicate with nearby troops, ships, and officers.

The armor consists of having a large pauldron, thick armor chest plate, skirt (kama), a datapack, modified versions of Phase 1 helmets with rangefinders, and thick knee armor.

ARC Troopers, or Officers were the only Clones to wear this version of armor, and many well-known Clones; such as Fives, Colt, and Echo; wore the armor.
Commander Colt

A better view of ARC Commander Colt.


The datapack is actually what inspired the Empire to equip their squads of Imperial Shocktroopers for the Imperial Security; while the pack is practically like a portable radio device similar to what US Army soldiers used during World War 2.

Because of how unique the armor looks, most fans have had a high demand for Hasbro and LEGO to produce Experimental Phase 2 ARC Troopers in action figure and mini-figure form.