The E-11 (or DC-50A) bla
E-11 (DC-50A) Blaster Rifle

An example of an E-11 (DC-50A) blaster rifle.

E-11S (DC-50S) Blaster Rifle

An example of a E-11S (DC-50S), which is the upgraded semi-automatic version of the rifle.

ster rifle is/was the standard blaster rifle for the Imperial

An example of how the rifle works.


It was manufactured by BlasTech Industries during the Galactic Civil War, and served as the primary weapon for Imperial Stormtroopers. As well as being very reliable.


There also are different versions, such as the DC-50 long-rifle, DC-50S, and the DC-70 blaster pistol.

Bounty hunters and pirates like IG-88, have used the E-11/DC-50S blaster rifle(s).
DC-50A (Modified)

IG-88's modified version of the E11/DC-50 long-rifle.

The rifle itself, is designed after the DC-15A or DC-15S blaster rifle, whi

An example of a DC-15S and DC-15A blaster-rifle.

ch was used during the Clone Wars.