Dogma was a Platoon Sergeant for the 501st Torrent Co., who served alongside Captain Rex's unit within the 501st alongside his loyal partner Fives (His best friend).

Dogma in full-armor.

He eventually was placed on-trial due to following an order of treason, threatening his fellow comrades, and eventually executing General Krell; much to the dismay of his superiors. Dogma was also a mug. He was only ever loyal to his brother Fives who he looked up to.


Dogma was a newly-commissioned officer enlisted in 501st Torrent Co. sometime during 20 BBY during the early stages of the Outer Rim Sieges. He participated in the Umbara campaign, which marked an otherwise traumatic experience for the clones and a pivotal moment for the war.

He, among other newly-trained and enlisted clones at the time, was inexperienced and lacked some of the known logic that Phase 1 clones possessed months prior to his first assignment whilist in active duty. Loyality, being a prime key example, was the main reason as to why he developed an on and off relationship between his peers and his superiors. An otherwise confused and bewildered individual, he had mixed feelings and an unsettled allegience with his superiors and fellow peers, further resulting in his court martial.


Dogma was a very serious and loyal trooper. He didn't admire "slacking off" from other clones, hence him being "straight forward" and "always on task". He however, obeyed an uncivilized and unjust order from Jedi General Pong Krell to execute Fives and Jesse, for he was one of the only clones who didn't attempt to disobey or break command from the rogue, unorthodox, Jedi.

Being one of the only clones unaware of Krell's true intentions until the Jedi's capture, Dogma was loyal to Krell, and denied any of the rumors spread by his peers for what he believed to be false.


Dogma has large light-blue arrows painted on his armor with a small red arrow on the front of his helmet, and has simple blue stripes running along his arms and legs like Tup and several other enlisted officers and/or specialists.

His facial features consist of having a unique arrow-shaped tatoo on the side of his forehead, and a unique shaved haircut matching the rest of his body.


He very much resembles Rex when he was younger, as noted by General Skywalker in his debut appearance.

His markings are completely different from all of the other enlisted members of the 501st.

He was the only Clone to be court-martialed following his arrest; not counting Slick.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Darkness on Umbara" (First Appearance)


Dogma speaking with Fives; one of his superior commanding officers.

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