The DC-17 is a single-fire blaster pistol which is/was used by the Clone Troopers and Officers during the Clone Wars Era.
DC-17 Blaster Pistol

An example of a Clone Wars-style DC-17 blaster pistol.

Clone Officers; such as Elite and ARC; were the ones who primarily used them for combat, yet they are/were meant to be used as secondary weapons.

Several Republic Officers or Republic Naval Officers, as well as several Senior Clone Officers, often used the DC-17 as a spare weapon for defense. (Such as being captured.)


Captain Rex (an Elite Clone Officer) and Captain Fordo (an ARC Trooper or Officer) both used/use DC-17 blaster pistols as their primary weapon.

Captain Fordo actually created the silenced version of the DC-17, known as the DC-17S.
DC-17S Blaster Pistol

An example of a DC-17S blaster pistol.

The DC-17 and DC-17S are loosely based from the Colt M1911 (or simply M9) pistol series.
DC-17 Concept

An example of the original design for the DC-17 blaster pistol.

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