Cutup (CT-4040) was a Standard Clone Trooper who served Sergeant O'Niner in Domino Squad during the Clone Wars Era.

Cutup with his helmet removed.

He met his fate when he was stationed at the Rishi Moon base near Kamino, to whom he was eaten by a Rishi Eel.

Little is known about him, nor was he featured as much as the other members of Domino Squad.


Cutup began as a Clone Cadet when Domino Squad began as training squad. He was often quiet, yet cocky; to whom he often back-talked Master Chief Sergeant Bric on Kamino. Hence, Sergeant Bric saying that he was a "cut-up", which is where he got his name or where it originated.

He eventually graduated to being an official Clone Trooper enlisted within the Grand Army of the Republic after nearly failing simulation courses with his squad. Sortly thereafter, him and his squad were stationed at the Rishi Moon Outpost where him and the others (except for Echo and Fives) met their fate.


Cutup's cadet armor or gear consists of having green and yellow markings and a distinguished number "4" on the front and rear torso gear or armor, indicating his number for his training squad.

He also wore standard Phase 1 Clone armor.

His facial appearance consists of having thick stubbles (or a "5 o'clock shadow") with the standard "high-fade" haircut that most Clone Troopers have.


Cutup originally was meant to be an engineer for Domino Squad because of his nickname, but the producers of the Clone Wars series decided to portray him to be more cocky as opposed to being a skilled mechanic.

Cutup's nickname was also originally meant to be named "Quad", "Forty", or "Fours"; hence there being so many 4's in his code number like with Fives having so many 5's in his code number.

He was good friends with Droidbait, another member of Domino Squad.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Rookies" (First Appearance)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Clone Cadets"

He has also appeared in several books, novels, and comics.

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