Commander Thorn was a Clone Officer who served under the rank of commander during the Clone Wars. He served under the Republic Security, and led his own unit of Shock Troopers during a diplomatic escort to the planet Scipio under Senator Padme Amidala's supervision.
Commander Thorn

Commander Thorn as seen in the Clone Wars series.


Despite his brief and unfortunate appearance, Commander Thorn served as a heroic soldier whom dedicated his service to the Republic and aided his troops in combat.

He unfortunately met his fate during a brief skirmish which sparked the Battle of Scipio against the Separatist droid forces.


Commander Thorn's Phase 2 armor consists of the usual markings or color scheme of the Coruscant Elite Guard (or Republic Security) Shock Troopers, while his helmet consists of a unique "wings" design reminiscent of Marvel character Thor.


His name payes homage to Marvel character, Thor, while his Z-6 rotary cannon minigun (or chaingun) is known to be nicknamed, "the hammer".

Commander Thorn's debut appearance was originally scheduled for release during Season 5 of the Clone Wars, but was further delayed towards Season 6.

Like Commander Doom (another Marvel-based character), his character model is loosely reskined and/or kitnashed from Commander Fox's set of Phase 2 armor, while his arms and upper torso are inherited from Commander Cody.

Although he is often mistaken for Commander Fox, the latter can be distinguished by the helmet designs and body marking patterns.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Crisis at the Heart"