Commander Neyo (CC-8826) was a Senior Clone Officer under the rank of Commander,
Commander Neyo

Commander Neyo as seen during his official debut on-screen appearance.

who served the 91st Reconnaissance Corps under the command of Jedi General Adi Gallia and her cousin: Stass Allie.


Neyo was one of the later-trained Marshall Clone Officers towards the end of the Clone Wars Era (when the Clones transitioned to Phase 2 armor) and replaced most intern field officers within his unit towards the end of the Clone Wars. He was recruited when Adi Gallia received combat orders as a result of the growing war. Though, tensions were high between the two when they first met. Neyo, however, developed the Reconnaissance Corps. into becoming a well-organized unit like the other battalions within their own brigade or regiment, as well as being one of the designers for the unique Phase 2 BARC armor/helmet.

He primarily led scouting missions (hence his BARC designation), as well as commanding platoons of troops on the battlefield within his battalion a year (20 BBY) and eventually several months before Order 66 in 19 BBY.


Neyo was forced to execute his own Jedi General, Stass Allie, during Order 66 and submitted an account of his actions that were collated with accounts from other commanding clone officers into a report for Emperor Palpitaine. Neyo retained the rank of commander as he continued his military service under the Empire.


Commander Neyo wore Phase 2 Clone Trooper armor, a BARC helmet, and was also equipped with a Phase 1 belt connected to an additional small pauldron with straps.

His facial appearance consists of having brown, wavy hair, as well as a unique tattoo representing his "CC" number.


Neyo's name was first identified in an issue of Star Wars Insider during the release of Revenge of the Sith in 2005.

He is one of the lesser-known Clone Officers, but inspired the creation of Commander Wolffe's Phase 2 helmet.
Commander Neyo Without Helmet

Commander Neyo with his helmet removed.

Commander Neyo recently appeared during the Clone Wars Season 5 episode "Secret Weapons" delivering the Pit Droid WAC-47 to D-Squad during a mission briefing to receive an encyption module from the Seperatists under the Command of Colonel Gascon. Commander Neyo's facial appearance wasn't shown until a promotional image was revealed for the Clone Wars "Secret Weapons" episode.

Ironically, Hasbro created an action figure update which included Neyo's detailed facial appearance.

He was also known to be "good friends" with WAC-47; a pit droid who served as a loyal companion to Neyo's unit.


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