Clone Commander Colt

Promotional image of Commander Colt.

Commander Colt was an ARC Trooper or Officer under the rank of Commander. He wore experimental Phase 2 armor, and was the lead Clone Officer or training officer of the Rancor Battalion, which was a Clone Cadet training group. To whom he served as a demonstrator to demonstrate his armor capabilities, as well as a drill instructor on Kamino.

He eventually met his fate after the Battle of Kamino, where Assajj Ventress killed him.


Colt wears Experimental Phase 2 Armor; like with the other Experimental Phase 2 ARC Troopers; with red and grey markings.


Commander Colt is/was one of the very first Clone Troopers to ever wear Phase 2 armor in both the Clone Wars Era (chronologically), and the Clone Wars series.

He was also one of the very first (and only) Experimental Phase 2 ARC Officers/Troopers.

Commander Colt

Commander Colt as seen in Clone Wars Season 3.

ARC Trooper Hammer

ARC Trooper Hammer as he briefly appears in the Clone Wars episode, "ARC Troopers."

ARC Trooper Hammer very much resembles Colt, yet he has slightly different markings, and was supposedly a successful cadet who became an ARC Lieutenant for Rancor Squad. (*This is unknown; it is an assumption.*)


Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "Clone Cadets" (First Appearance)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "ARC Troopers" (Fate)

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