Commander Blitz was an ARC Trooper or Officer under the rank of Com
ARC Commander Blitz

Commander Blitz as he appears in the Clone Wars episode, "Clone Cadets".

ARC Commander Blitz 2

Commander Blitz with a Wolfpack ARF Scout Trooper.

mander who trained his own squad known as Blitz Squad, which consisted of Clone Cadets for the Rancor Battalion training group.


Blitz mainly trained Clones on Kamino with other ARC Troopers as well as with Master Chief Sergeant Bric, Jedi General Shaak Ti, and Master Commander El-Les; aside from demonstrating his unique armor.

He also helped train Fives and Echo after they were promoted to becoming ARC Troopers.


Blitz wears Experimental Phase 2; Armor from what the Experimental Phase 2 ARC Troopers wear; with yellow stripes and a unique white kama with black diamonds.


Little is known about Blitz, yet he has had a major role during the Clone Wars Era off-screen.

Most fans believe that the ARF Scout Troopers he commanded in the Clone Wars series episode "ARC Troopers" were from his squad, or from the rest of the Rancor Battalion, yet they are actually from the 104th Wolfpack Co. (Wolfpack).

Blitz's nickname wasn't revealed until Hasbro released the "Defend Kamino/Defense of Kamino" Battlepack or action figure pack from Hasbro with him featured.

Blitz and Hammer were the only two Experimental Phase 2 ARC Troopers who survived the Battle of Kamino.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "Clone Cadets" (First appearance)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "ARC Troopers"

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