Clone Officers are Clone Troopers who lead squads, platoons, garrisons, and other units such as battalions. They consist of many grades, titles, or positions, and have many different ranks, units, and styles of armor,.
Phase 1 Clone Officers

An example of Standard Phase 1 Clone Officers.




Sergeant (Standard, Squad, Platoon, Battalion, and Gunnery)




Regimental Commander


Senior Commander

Marshal Commander

Note*: Pilots only have the rank of Captain or being a Squadron Leader, aside from being a standard wingman or co-pilot.

Position Of Officer (or Grade of Commanding Officer)Edit

They also had distinct armor and grade or position of Officer (list shown goes from least to greatest):

  • Standard or Enlisted- A simple Phase 1 Clone Trooper with simple, distinct markings (only shown in combat during the First Battle of Geonosis and several preceding battles prior to the middle of 22 BBY during Anakin Skywalker's graduation to Jedi Knight and promotion to general).
    Phase 1 Clone Trooper Diagram

    A diagram of Phase 1 Clone Clone Officers and a Standard Phase 1 Clone Trooper prior to the end of 22 BBY.

  • Specialist- Standard or Enlisted Clone Officers sharing the same class or grade as Corporal (an E-4), but have distinct abilities such as being a Marksman or Field Medic from within distinguished units (hence the name), He can lead a group or a small team/squad of troopers. Even if he is an "E-4"(like the corporal) the corporal outranks him. The Clone specialist is the lower rank with leadership responsibility (leader of a group of clone troopers).
  • Senior (Marshall)- A Phase 1 or Phase 2 Clone with personalized armor, but with little or almost no special gear added and commands an average-sized unit.
  • Elite (Marshall)- A specially-trained, advanced officer resembling an ARC Trooper, only with personalized armor and commands a large unit.
  • Veteran (Marshall)- An experienced officer who often commands Republic command ships; has higher position or grade of officer than any other in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Notes: All Marshall Clone Officers are specially-trained Clone Officers who are either Senior, Elite, or Veteran C.O's. ARC Officers or ARC Troopers outrank all but one Marshall grade.

Colored RankEdit

Their rank was originally distinguished by color before the organization of squads, platoons, battalions and other distinct units (Ex: 41st Elite Corps.: a distinct unit with distinct officers):

Sergeant: Green (Enlisted or Standard Officers only; with the exception of ARC Sgt. A'den)

Lieutenant: Blue

An example of an enlisted officer. (Specialist Jesse of the 501st.)

Captain: Red

Commander: Yellow

(Same with early experimental and non-experimental Phase 1 ARC Troopers).

When the jedi became general, they allowed all clone leader (from the rank of specialist, to the rank of commander) to have a custom armor.


The overall rank system from within the Grand Army of the Republic closely resemble the real-world US Army ranking system, among other military branches and/or organizations.

The Grand Army of the Republic is loosely based on the US Army, while the Galactic Empire is loosely based on the Nazi Army (hence, the 501st Legion and the Imperial Stormtroopers = Nazi Regime and the Sturmabteilung).


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