Clone Engineers (or Clone Specialists) are Clone Troopers who serve as medics, mechanics, or weapon specialists who either repair vehicles, weapons, or heal wounded soldiers and/or Jedi.
Clone Engineer

An example of a Clone Engineer (Clone Wars-style.)

They mainly repair vehicles on Republic Star Cruisers, or tend to medical patients while on board. There are, (and were) also engineers who often fought on the battlefield and were assigned to missions, (such as Jesse and Kix) and were under the rank of Corporal. Small squads were also formed towards the end of the Clone Wars Era.

Imperial Shocktroopers from the Imperial Security replaced the original Clone Engineers from the Grand Army of the Republic.


Clone Engineers ("Flight Crew" engineers) wear thin tunics with vests and long pockets for holding tools, and special com-link helmets for communicating with officers above command bridges in ship hangers. (To whom they mainly work in ship hangers.)

They're unit numbers or "Clone Codes" are "CP", for "Clone Personnel".

Combat Engineer Trooper

An example of Hasbro's "Combat Engineer Trooper" figure.

Known Units And ClonesEdit

Bomb Squad


Clone Trooper Jesse (Battalion Corporal.)

Tango Company

Engineering Squad (501st Torrent Co.)

Walker Co. (501st Torrent Co.)

Switch (Clone Engineer)

Experimental Phase 3 Combat Engineer (Star Wars Battlefront 2)

Fixer (Delta Squad member)

Jesse (501st Specialist)

Kix (501st Specialist)

Hardcase (501st Specialist)

Crys (212th Specialist)
Clone Trooper Switch

Clone Trooper (or Engineer/Personnel) Switch.


In the US Army, the Specialist rank refers to an engineer being under the rank of Corporal, to whom Jesse, Kix, Hardcase, and Crys would be considered Specialists rather than Corporals.

Switch is the only "Clone Personnel" engineer to be involved in combat.

Hasbro refer's to an unknown Clone Trooper from an unknown battalion as the "Combat Engineer Trooper" with a 2006 Complete Saga Collection (or Saga Collection) figure and a variant in an exclusive Clone Trooper 3-pack figure.
Experimental Phase 3 Clone

An example of the Experimental Phase 3 Clone Trooper referred to as a "501st Legion Clone Engineer" in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Bomb Squad Clone

An example of a Bomb Squad Clone. One of the specialized engineering squads of Clone Troopers.

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