Captain Lock (CC-4142) was a Senior Clone Officer under the rank of Captain for Horn Company, led under Jedi General Eeth Koth.
Captain Lock

Captain Lock during his first and (so far) only appearance.

Captain Lock fought in several battles during the Clone Wars Era, and often fought alongside other units (such as the 187th).

Little is known about him, nor has he had any major roles. Furthermore, his name wasn't confirmed until a corresponding episode guide was released, though his "CC" numbercode wasn't revealed until his entry in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars: New Battlefronts: Visual Guide.


Captain Lock was assigned to Jedi General Eeth Koth during the middle of the Clone Wars, and assisted the troops within his unit while commanding them in combat like every other commanding combat officer.

He was only seen briefly during an attempt to escape from an impending attack against General Grievous and his droid forces while orbiting the world of Saleucami. It was not confirmed that Captain Lock was confronted and killed by commando droids on his way to the escape pods or that he ecaped.


Captain Lock very much resembles Commander Cody, to whom he has a visor-improver on his helmet, and a reinforced com-link antenna on one of his shoulder pads.

He's only been seen wearing Phase 1 armor.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Grievous Intrigue" (First Appearance)


Captain Lock's character model is simply just a reskin of Commander Cody's Phase 1 armor, only without the helmet com-link antenna.

Commander Monnk very much resembles Captain Lock as well.

Lock's character model was basically reskinned from Commander Cody's Phase 1 character model used in the 2008 Clone Wars series.