Aiwha Squad is/was a squad of Republic Commandos (or Clone Commandos) during the Clone Wars Era.
Aiwha Squad

Aiwha Squad as seen in a Clone Wars Adventures Microseries comic.


Aiwha Squad began as a squad of specialized Clone Troopers who eventually were promoted to Republic Commandos after being the final troops surviving a large battle.

Once they became Republic Commandos, they distinguished themselves with unique nicknames, markings, weapons, datapacks, and hair-styles. As well as being assigned to several missions during the end Clone Wars.

Notable MembersEdit

Sarge (RC-1013)

Zag (RC-2088)




Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures "Orders"


It is unknown if the squad is canon, because of the fact that Republic Commando training was discontinued during the middle of the Clone Wars Era, and replaced with basic specialized training.

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