ARC Trooper Hammer (or simply Hammer) was an ARC Trooper or Officer. His rank is unknown, and very little information is known about him as well.
ARC Trooper Hammer

ARC Trooper Hammer as he briefly appears in the Clone Wars episode, "ARC Troopers."

He is supposedly a successful Clone Cadet, who graduated to being an ARC Trooper from Commander Colt in the Rancor Battalion.


Hammer very much resembles Commander Colt, yet he has slightly different markings, and makes a very brief appearance.

LEGO has produced a minifigure of Hammer, yet he is simply refered to as an ARC Trooper.

Hammer and Blitz were the only Experimental Phase 2 ARC Troopers who survived the Battle of Kamino.

Hasbro has also produced a Hammer figure released in the ARC Troopers Battlepack figure set, yet he resembles Commander Colt's concept art.


Hammer wears Experimental Phase 2 Armor, like with the other Experimental Phase 2 ARC Troopers. He has grey and red markings, as well as several dots around his helmet and chest plate.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars "ARC Troopers" (First Appearance)

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